New-Age Woman Is No More into Sacrifices

It looks quite ironic how attitudes towards relationships have changed. When I started to jot down the points, incidents and real life experiences of different individuals either shared by them or observed by me at multiple places, I was sure in my mind that I will receive a lot of criticism, titles and what not. Anyways, I still take that courage quotient out to elaborate my starting statement. I am sure all of us have grown up keeping our moms and dads in mind – as our role models. This is nothing unusual. In every home, every boy’s best friend is his mom and every girl’s king is her father. Why is it always like this? The answer is simple; their attitude towards their kids and partners makes them earn that position.


The new age woman (born after 1980’s) is very strong – she even doesn’t need a man to support her. She is capable of taking care of her own self. She uses her mind and not her heart to make decision pertaining to her life. She mostly prefers stability in a man rather than the amount of love that can be shared by him. When she marries a man she has her own life as well, just like her old mom she doesn’t want to sacrifice her freedom, happiness and these days entertainment as well. Her weakest point is taking an uninterrupted sleep of 10 – 12 hours. She by no means wants to stay away from Facebook. After all,  getting connected is the key of enjoyment nowadays and playing Candy Crush and solving Criminal Cases are far important than anything else.

A woman should never be disturbed by her husband while watching Sheldon Cooper in “The Big Bang Theory”, Joey, Grey’s Anatomy, Castle, How I met your mother and list continues on and on. Without fun elements in life, how can you expect her to keep her happiness intact? Plus, it is out of etiquettes to ask her to do anything in case she is watching “Master Chef”. When she is asked to cook something different, keeping in mind that she must have learned something from experts and cooks, she bluntly replies that she watches the show for sheer entertainment. Now that’s an interesting answer.

There used to be a time when women used to window-shop and for this reason most of the men never liked to accompany them but these days things have changed electronically and socially. On Pinterest and Facebook there are millions of pages which keep these woman glued to their seats in awe, doing nothing but liking pages, posts and images etc. At times I wonder today’s beauties are really blessed with genuine brains as they don’t want to sacrifice their happiness (talking about most and not all), like their moms.

Today almost ever house in cities has maids, in fact multiple maids. Some are for dish washing, some take care of cleaning of the house, in some houses they either cook food or iron clothes. With the passage of time we should agree to the fact that life for women has become comparatively easier. Even then they don’t look satisfied with it. Can any one answer why? Woman is truly a riddle.

This article is an outcome of the experiences, stories, observations and incidents shared by many individuals with me. I am not at all against women and thankfully I haven’t encountered many women like these – but they do exist. I am sorry if I have heart anyone’s feelings or freedom of life, just shared what’s happening these days.

P.S: The article was initially published at Dunya News’ Blog under my name.

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Hello All,

Today, I don’t know what write, words can not support my thoughts. In fact today, action is needed. An action, which can support EARTH HOUR 2013.

Its a humble request to lets show the world the we are united irrespective of color, cast and creed to support our EARTH.

Mankind without Earth is Humanity without a Home
― S.G. Rainbolt

Earth Hour 2013

Support EARTH HOUR 2013

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Women Are Silly, At the End Of The Day

Women Are Silly, At the End Of The Day

Don’t you think women are silly and crazy, most of the times? I know the answer to this, it’s a universal truth, I suppose. They blast into laughing after cracking jokes by themselves, whether they make any sense or not. They can’t keep any conversation “strictly to the point” or straight. Perhaps, it’s because they always live in a world where they are instructed to admire and chose pink over brown, gray and black. Plus, for them, from the start it’s all about becoming princesses, a strict “no” to playing with their genitals aka pussies and encouraging them to read more and more. This results in, later, developing a strong reading of womanly/girly magazines, in which a man is always criticized on one thing or other.


To them, guys are more into sports, torturing animals and jerking off 5 – 6 times a week, which to certain extent is right, as well. But again, these aren’t the only things which guys are into. Many of the sensible individuals are of the view that reading magazines like Elle, Vogue, Cosmopolitan, and Harpers etc. are nothing but time wasting exercises. Such magazines are blessed with nothing but genuine bullshit that helps in seeding wrong perceptions about guys – most of the times. Usually, in such magazines columnists play with the psychology of women and turn them into “man hating creatures”. According to women a man is prone to cheat. No matter how loving, caring, beautiful or trophy wife he holds in his arms. Do you know why do they think like this?

If A Man Who Plans To Shower More Love Than Usual, He Is Into Infidelity – Cosmos


If a guy can manage to drill love into his woman’s privates then he probably be cheating on her – that’s what “Cosmos” suggests. Many men like to develop good relationship with their spouses and they educate their girls about love making and wild yet passionate love. This takes time and it’s not an overnight thingy. Imagine a woman breaking up with a guy on the basis of the fact that he has started to screw her more than usual – crap. That’s why most of the women keep searching their right man because they are too lousy to believe the shit published in a magazine.

When A Man Starts To Groom Himself, He Is Again Into Infidelity – Vogue


According to a famous magazine – Vogue’s article “If a man starts to take interest in grooming himself, he is probably screwing more women than just one. The syndromes also include hitting gym regularly, shopping for new shirts and organizing a manicure / pedicure appointment etc.” Trust me, it’s all rubbish. According to these writers, men don’t have liberty and freedom to look good professionally or maintain themselves properly.

A Man Who Discusses His Office Routine With His Wife Is Cheating – FHM


According to “FHM”, if a man starts to talk about his professional life with his spouse, he is trying to avoid personal / emotional discussion with her, which means that he is into infidelity and might be either screwing his lady boss or filling his new temp’s love holes. This truly has made women adamant about the fact no matter what but it’s in a man’s nature to cheat.

It’s about time, such perception about men should be changed else lesbianism will be the talk of 95% of the town. After all, men also have the right to live, look good, stay fit and flirt, the way women in corporate world are doing! Right?


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Infidelity: It’s not Always A Man’s Cup of Hot Coffee


In today’s society it’s not just a man who cheats, women cheat too. We all are human beings and have needs, according to different scholars; sex, has been identified as a basic need just like hunger or thirst (in my opinion it’s a combination of both). It has been noticed that women usually get over this harsh unfaithfulness but men have big time problem in accepting women after their betrayal. You can call it “Male Ego”. This might be the very reason why men are called Dogs – though technically its totally wrong, as dogs are loyal. Have we ever thought what women should be called? Whether it is an emotional or out and out lust based sexual relationship, to most of the people it’s the end of their trust and relationships.

Mostly, women stay in a denial zone when they encounter any such information with respect to their men whereas men, even when they are suspicious or assume that their women are having a relationship yell their volcano of anger out.

Better Safe Than Caught - Say No To Infidelity

Better Safe Than Caught – Say No To Infidelity

It is not simple to deal with infidelity and a cheating spouse, it has more than many ups and downs. People go through different thoughts of rejection, moving on in life or at times filing a divorce. It’s a universal fact that men cheat when they get opportunity. For women, it’s different and not “just the opportunity”. Women want sex for multiple reasons. I have personally noticed and observed that for the last 2 decades women have started to have more flings. Is it freedom of expression or different channels which are accessed by them and no watchfulness?
Here I’d like to discuss a few points that I have observed in my encounters with friends and other people who have gone through such phases. Women usually don’t enjoy or look forward for one night stands. They need more; they need assurance of emotional support and never ending love from their partners.

Women, mostly wives, prefer to have affairs with men from their surroundings or social groups like colleagues, friends, etc.

A Cheating wife prefers to swap up when she starts to cheat. Women who are married more likely to cheat with men who are either better in statuses, attentive, better in bed or much more understanding than their husbands.
Women always relate more significance to a simple affair because they prefer emotional intimacy and their unfaithfulness is hence based on the ideology that one day they will leave their husbands and start new lives with their partners.

Women, mostly, cheat when they find problems in their relationships.


A woman prefers one night stand only with the guy who is physically fit, attractive and sexier than her husband.

In today’s world, women are outgoing than they ever were. Women cheat like men do because women also have desires and wants which most of the times are not met by their partners and as a result they start affairs.

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Bikinis – Women’s Sensuality Magnified

The word bikini rings bells to both, men’s and women’s ears. For men it is a great sight, most definitely and for a woman it is the trendiest outfit which can highlight her curves, skin and every aspect of sensuality. If you are in search of finding something in which you can look exceptionally hot and sexy then you should go for the new bikini collection available in the market. Fashion keeps on changing but the femininity is always appreciated by everyone in this universe and a nice bikini can easily show off that feminism in a woman’s movements after wearing a bikini.

It is of immense significance that a woman must know what suits on her and what she can easily carry on her figure, easily. It is a woman herself, who know what will look good on her and if she does not know it properly she can be the subject of discussion in her social circle because of her ill dressing sense. But when it comes to wearing a bikini and walking from one end to the other there are countless women who manage to get the desired attention from their surroundings. Whether it is a male or female, everyone these days notices women who know how to flaunt their charms, beauty and sensuousness.

You can find multiple types of bikinis in the market. They are available in different colors from vibrant to classy. These bikinis are definitely in high demand because of the newest trend of wearing bikinis at different places and not just for swimming or at beaches. Ruffle bikinis and push-up bikinis are much talked about bikinis these days because of multiple reasons. These bikinis have great quality in terms of material and they are even long lasting. It is advised to closely examine the fabric of the bikini so as to keep in mind the quality of the product that you are willing to purchase.

If you are really interested in buying a nice bikini for yourself then you should also concentrate on the different designs available in the market. There are different patterns of designs that are offered in the market but it totally depends upon you to select the best one for yourself. After all, you have to look fabulous and stand out from the lot. Different colors and different designs give a totally different outlook. Always remember that a bikini magnifies the sensuality of a woman.

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Are you interested to market yourself to each and every one? Do you want to reach every single client through digital marketing? There are many business individuals who are not aware of the benefits one can enjoy from digital marketing. There are many businesses which gained a huge popularity and consumer base after marketing their products and services digitally. Definitely it is not a bed of roses to market one’s products and services digitally unless the right resource is available. There are many professionals who fool around their clients and promise to provide unreachable targets. Before hiring the right resource a great screening is mandatory.

Digital marketing is carried out for same reason, for which usual marketing is performed – to attract more and more customers. Digital marketing is very tactical indeed and can be beneficial for almost every business. There are different mediums through which businesses can market their products and services digitally and one of the most commonly platform which everyone is using for digital marketing is social media sites. Facebook is amongst the most accelerated digital marketing platform where every business is excelling and gaining more and more customers on daily basis. There are other platforms and ways with the help of which any company can increase its consumer base and end up gaining potential clients, for instance blogging, twittering, MySpace and others.

For gaining more customers and consumers a company needs the services of great professionals who are experienced with their skills. A professional should know all the tools and their usage to promote any brand, product or service digitally. Without the sound knowledge of the market and complete command on different digital mediums it cannot be possible to make any product easily admired by the customers. There are so many ways with which an employer can catch the substantial experience of any candidate. Following are few pointers which can help any client from any industry to evaluate the expertise and command of any candidate for the relevant position:

  1. 1.     Portfolios

There are many individuals who might apply for one single position therefore it gets really tough to select the right candidate out of the lot. There is no need to get worried and make a random selection based on the skills or promises which the candidates declare. There are much better ways to keep yourself satisfied by selecting the right candidate for the right job. To avoid any sort of future repentance it is advised to ask for the portfolio or achievements of the candidates. This will completely help you in getting the right candidate for the required position. Analyze his authenticity and substance by closely evaluating the projects and portfolios which he or she has completed in his professional career. This will help you ion assessing whether the commitments of candidates are based on fraudulent promises or reality.

  1. 2.     References

It is very essential to ask about the previous work experience from the candidates. Most of the candidates always beat about the bush when they are asked about the previous work experiences. It is advised to ask them about providing the references from the previous work place, so that the information shared by them can be cross checked easily and their truthfulness can be verified. You never know when a candidate is trying to deviate you from his actuality. It is the duty of the interviewer to analyze his skills and keep the discussion to the relevant points and do not allow any candidate to beat about the bush. References can later help them to establish a better understanding about any candidates’ performance, capability and code of conduct as well.

  1. 3.     Scope Of The Project

Rather than telling what you can provide to the candidate always inquire about what he can deliver to you. At what level can he take the campaign and monetize the project for which they have applied. It will give a clearer picture of what are the expectations of the candidate related to the particular project. If he has the zeal and interest for the project he will surely discuss the interesting and beneficial points related to the campaign and this will help you in analyzing his spirit and interest level related to the job.

  1. 4.     Relevance Is Important

Before finalizing any candidate or hiring any professional for the position, it is beneficial for the business individual to first go through the history of the projects completed by the candidate. To ensure if he has completed or managed any project related to same kind or same budget is essential. This can help him understand the understanding level of the candidate along with the experience in the relevant field. There are so many ways to cross check the relevance of the project. Some of such ways may include asking about the budgets on which any candidate has worked earlier. Moreover one can also ask about the core concepts and tools behind digital marketing. After all digital marketing is a vast field and a person can discuss different angles of this kind of marketing.

  1. 5.     The Scenario Based Analysis

For digital marketing it at times gets difficult to analyze the potential of the candidate. To overcome this difficulty it is far easier to introduce a scenario to the candidate an ask him different questions related to the positive outcome and how can he meet the expectations of the client. Also discuss the contingency plans which he can offer or implement in case if things don’t turn out to be as expected. After all threats are always there in the market to which a business has to response on timely and effective manner.

With the help of above mentioned pointers there will be no need to get worried about hiring the right candidate for the organizations benefit to implement digital marketing’s strategies. This way any business can save itself from snake oil salesman. The market is undoubtedly very volatile and there are so many individuals out there, known as professionals, who can easily exploit the market.


Role of a Truck Accident Attorney

Negligent truck drivers can cause damage for themselves as well as for the companies for which they drive the trucks. The damage can be in the form of accidents which result in monetary loss or bad repute. Around the world it is observed and noticed that the truck accidents are very common. This is the reason why a truck accident lawyer is always there to support the case of a truck driver. An attorney provides complete assistance and guidance to the truck driver involved in the accident. It is his job to provide the driver with justice and save him from unlawful judgment. Many truck drivers for this very reason contact experienced and reputed lawyers.

The trucking companies are subjected to state and federal laws. The state and federal laws aim to keep the roads despite the threads imposed by such large vehicles which cause thousands of accidents every year and hundreds of fatalities throughout USA. The accidents involving trucking require the expertise of a skilled and experienced truck accident lawyer. Following are the main concerns and duties of the lawyers which they perform for their clients.

  • Preserving and Organizing Evidences

In the event of a truck accident it is important to preserve the evidences left behind as a trail mark for the lawyers to pick. Evidences and proof can be lost if not gathered immediately after the truck accidents. A professional and experienced truck accident attorney knows that the first thing that he should consider is the collection of evidences which show the correct details relating to the truck accident. In case of a truck accident, contact a truck accident lawyer immediately before the evidences are lost. A lawyer usually has a team of paralegals and assistants who are responsible for collecting evidences immediately after the truck accidents.

  • Result and Affordability

There are many ways through which one can get an affordable truck accident lawyer. All a person has to do is to approach to a truck accident attorney who can solve all his problems in best affordable fees. An experienced lawyer will always focus and emphasize on the facts and nothing else. If your lawyer is using the facts and figures correctly then be sure that your money will not be wasted. After all, it’s a lawyer who knows how to make other person realize the facts and keep his point clear.

  • Explanation of Legal Scenarios

It is the foremost duty of a truck accident lawyer to make his client acquainted with the possibilities of the case. He should also make his client realize the outcomes before starting the case because a client must always know the real scenario. At times the situation gets complicated and a bit tricky to handle. In such scenarios an experienced truck accident attorney always provides the detailed analysis of the case and guides his clients to eradicate all their questions and confusions. Ambiguities must not be left unattended by the lawyers, when it comes to clients.

  • Clearing Client’s Position In The Court of Law

At the end of the day, it is the lawyer (attorney), who makes his client win the case by providing best of his services. Clearing the position of a client is the main aspect of the entire case. This is the reason why a truck accident attorney is paid so well.

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